Friday, February 28, 2014

Monday, February 24, 2014

monday mo0dz

im all about dem mo0o0dy m0ndayz. sincerely this day was filled with anxiety/hot flashes. these pictures were meant to express my post teenaged angst. did i do a good job? heh.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

feeling urban.

this weekend i felt super urban and stuff. between a trip to salvation and to the farmers market, i sure got my fix of pretty things. I've been really into odds and ends and what better place to find them than a graveyard for discarded lovelies. shoes are always a given, so whenever i find a remotely sweet pair of shoes i purchase it, hoping it will fit in some manner or another. the boots are snug, what else is new. i love plants of all kinds, these little succulents are just too much, i replanted them in clay pots also found at salvation. 5cents each. the old potpourri container might be my favorite, it still holds remnants of some old woman's favorite scent, patchouli, which i am not quite a fan of, but i am a fan of history and a story. glass bottles are a new thing of mine, i surely do love them and i hope to have a shelfful by the end of the month. also..that shirt you see there, its pretty neat. anyways, good weekend for me. 

Thursday, February 6, 2014

something i adore: dried flowers

rainy days call for reflection of something sweeter than what is going on outside…so i choose to reflect on something i find as one of the loveliest things: dried flowers. i might even like them better than live one at times. the dead rose i found in my car surely did lovely up my day.

something i adore: puppies

so, for my job i got to go travel to a neat little house that was for sale. and lo and behold, there were some mangy mutts welcoming me to an unfortunately dirty place. but, i will never say no to an opportunity to play with doggies so there i went, covering my lovely oxfords with dust and ripping my favorite burgundy tights. would i say that those pups were worth it? absolutely. they looked like they were fresh out of a sarah mclaughlin commercial, you know, the ones where you feel like you have to give your kidney to help a dog suffering from sun spots. anyways, i love dogs. ill play with them if they're even remotely fluffy and aren't foaming at the mouth. even then…there are always exceptions.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

a place I adore: Disneyland

This place will forever hold my heart. I basically grew up here.. I learned about family, heartbreak, dole whip, the coffee buzz, secrets, adventures, kings, tyrants, kindness, patience, rudeness and much more. This place taught me more about life than most places ever could. 

oh, the places you go..or don't go

so have a blog now, a place to store my thoughts no matter how silly. thats pretty neat because i have a lot of thoughts to share. its like a diary of sorts, keeping tabs on who I've been and dreams of who i will be. i can't wait to go, to go out and go places. i love these pictures of feets, i love feets pictures because it captures a moment in time of a place where you have matter how normal. there is beauty in the mundane and mystery in the idea of where you'll go next. these pictures were taken on a short pathway often overlooked, but to me, this pathway was a secret garden of endless photo opportunities and beauty. i could have stayed there for a long long time taking silly pictures of things i view as lovely. this is just further proof that beauty can be found in the least expected places. and beauty to one is not beauty to another, but it is all beautiful in this world that God has created. there is life in everything, i vow to capture it, bask in it, adore it and care for it.